Republicans are our own Worst Enemy

Instead of being applauded for recognizing that words matter, Mitt Romney is being lambasted by Republicans who just don’t get it.  Speaking to a full house of RNC members in San Diego, Romney committed the conservative crime of using the language of the left to appeal to potential voters. While emphasizing that conservative principles will be critical in the post-Obama era, Romney articulated three maxim’s that Republicans must communicate to the American people: “[T]o make the world safer… and provide opportunity for all Americans regardless of the neighborhood they live in” and the apparently gag-inducing, oxygen-sucking notion that “We have to lift people out of poverty.”  Can anyone deny that those are indeed goals of our party? The dispute we have with the left is how we get there. Republicans can’t seem to break free of this noxious habit they have of talking past voters. They find safety and comfort clinging to...(Read Full Article)