Obamacare cost me my health insurance

I have no health insurance today, due entirely to Obamacare. Being self-employed I have had an individual health insurance policy through the same major, health insurance company for approximately twenty years. Facing significant rate increases -- which the company said was due to the (Orwellian-named) Affordable Care Act -- I signed up for coverage, with that same company, last spring through the federal marketplace. I used the marketplace for three reasons: It offered a multi-state plan -- sold only through the marketplace and not directly by the company -- which provided a deductible which wasn't as ridiculously high as other plans. (Bolstering arguments that simple changes, like offering insurance across state lines, would provide better improvements to the health care system than a giant government power grab.) I was also able to get a small subsidy to help offset the near-doubling of my insurance policy premium, and 67% increase in my deductible, between the time...(Read Full Article)