March for Life 2015: Love and Wrath Both Burning

The March for Life takes place as always on January 22, a Thursday in 2015.  I arrive around eleven, about an hour before the big rally begins, to check out the media tent and do some interviews.  The National Mall is already stuffed with people, the ground muddy and squishy underfoot. The first impression I get is, there are so many people, followed by there are so many young people.  Multitudes of teenagers from high schools and dioceses all over the nation, wearing outlandish hats or scarves to stick together.  Little kids running around, and still littler ones sitting patiently in their double-strollers.  The grim determination of the previous two marches is gone, or at least underplayed – unlike in 2013 (relentless snow and rain) and 2014 (insane cold), the weather is gorgeous, and I can see how happy these young people are. As I run around seeking out interviews and photo opportunities, I see the usual suspects...(Read Full Article)