France without Jews Is Not France

In his book, Considerations on the Government of Poland, written in 1772, Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote that Moses “conceived and executed the astonishing project of creating a nation out of a swarm of wretched fugitives[.] …Out of this wandering and servile horde Moses had the audacity to create a body politic, a free people.”  As a result of the nation’s devotion to the Law, it would, Rousseau said, endure to the end of time, in spite of the hatred and persecution of the rest of the human race. That hatred and persecution of Jews, and the virus of anti-Semitism, has indeed persisted throughout history.  The Jewish people in general and the State of Israel since it was established in 1948 have been subjected to this endless hostility.  Today, Israel is the canary in the coalmine, the indicator of coming danger to democratic countries and of deterioration of conditions in the world.  Jews have been the first target of hostile...(Read Full Article)