Cuba and Kristallnacht: the Lessons

The left in the U.S. and throughout Western democracies are excited, of course, over President Obama’s decision the week before Christmas to restore “normal” diplomatic relations with Cuba. This has been a long-sought goal of the left wing of the Democratic Party here and among the Socialists in Europe. Raùl Castro is the successor to his dictator brother, Fidel. The younger Castro hailed the end of Cuba’s diplomatic and economic isolation by the U.S. But in a speech to Cuba’s puppet parliament, he could not resist sneering at the president. In a telling phrase almost buried in the New York Times report of his speech, Cuba’s current Communist dictator boasted: “WE WON THE WAR.” Raùl Castro has always been the colorless brother, content to rule in the shadows of the more florid Fidel. But that does not mean his drab and dull demeanor equates to any softening of his iron rule. “As minister of defense, Raùl...(Read Full Article)