Black American Hopes Selma Bombs at the Box Office

I must admit to experiencing schadenfreude (feeling pleasure from the misfortunes of others) upon learning that Oprah's movie Selma was snubbed by the Oscars, receiving only two nominations. As a black conservative Tea Party activist, I knew that the movie was simply another propaganda tool for the Democratic Party and America-hating leftists – a part of their ongoing hideous campaign promoting the lie that America sucks and blacks are still victims of an eternally racist country.  Sure enough, as I predicted, the usual suspects who produced Selma are being criticized for blatantly rewriting history. Using my 1970s heyday lingo, I don't get where Oprah and other liberal mega-rich blacks are coming from.  America has been extremely good to these black celebs.  Blacks are only 12% of the population.  Therefore, Oprah's and her ilk's extraordinary prosperity and success are due to enthusiastic white support.  And yet these blacks...(Read Full Article)