A New Year: Why, Mr. President, Why?

Happy New Year, my fellow Americans.  Getting my butt back into the gym is my New Year Resolution.  I saw a guy I thought was around my age who looked fantastic, very muscular.  He said he was 57; his secret was protein and creatine supplements. As I begin 2015, another year into the battle to save my country, I observe the daily news, thinking, “Same old, same old.”  President Obama continues to, in essence, give Congress and American voters the finger, arrogantly governing unilaterally against the best interest, the will, and the protection of the American people. My dear friend Victoria Jackson, former star of SNL, has been deemed a nutcase for calling Obama a Muslim and a communist.  While I cannot confirm whether or not Vickie and other pundits are correct in their assessment, clearly Obama is on a different page from those of us who love freedom and America. The question that continues to nag millions of Americans is, why does...(Read Full Article)