A New Year: Why, Mr. President, Why?

Happy New Year, my fellow Americans.  Getting my butt back into the gym is my New Year Resolution.  I saw a guy I thought was around my age who looked fantastic, very muscular.  He said he was 57; his secret was protein and creatine supplements.

As I begin 2015, another year into the battle to save my country, I observe the daily news, thinking, “Same old, same old.”  President Obama continues to, in essence, give Congress and American voters the finger, arrogantly governing unilaterally against the best interest, the will, and the protection of the American people.

My dear friend Victoria Jackson, former star of SNL, has been deemed a nutcase for calling Obama a Muslim and a communist.  While I cannot confirm whether or not Vickie and other pundits are correct in their assessment, clearly Obama is on a different page from those of us who love freedom and America.

The question that continues to nag millions of Americans is, why does this man do what he does?  Why, Mr. President, why?

Why did you bring Ebola to America?  Why do you refuse to place a travel ban into America on Ebola-riddled countries? 

After abdicating your responsibility to enforce immigration law, why did you sue Arizona for enforcing immigration law, leaving Arizonans open to attacks from smugglers and violent Mexican drug cartels? 

Why do you block border patrol officers from doing their job?  Why did you dis American voters by granting executive amnesty to five million illegals? 

Why are you planning to give illegals Social Security numbers, opening the floodgates for them to claim any number of credits – rewarding them for entering our country illegally with checks written by American taxpayers? 

You once admitted that an influx of illegal immigrants will harm “the wages of blue-collar Americans” and “put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”  Why then would you implement an open-border policy guaranteed to attract the poor from around the world, encouraging them to break our immigration laws and receive taxpayer-funded handouts?  Why have you forced schools across America to take in illegal students carrying various diseases?

Why did you refuse to call the shooting at Ft. Hood a “terrorist attack,” which blocked the victims and their families from receiving their entitled combat benefits?  Why did you run to read the Boston bomber his Miranda rights, which blocked interrogators from questioning him about other planned attacks on Americans? 

Why did you join Al “scumbag” Sharpton and other race profiteers in furthering their insidious, divisive, hate-generating lie that America's police target and murder blacks? 

Why did you lie to the American people on at least 29 occasions that if they liked their health care plans and their doctors, they could keep them? 

Why did you attempt to bully the beautiful ministry of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a 100-year-old order of nuns, to violate their faith by forcing them to sign a form supporting abortion services?

Why does your Obamacare continue to cause millions to lose health care plans they like, and cancer patients to lose the doctors credited with saving their lives? 

Why did you deny additional security requests at our consulate in Benghazi, which led to the death of U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans during a 9/11/2012 terrorist attack?  Why did you order the Benghazi Annex security team to “stand down” rather than attempt to rescue our ambassador? 

Why were military assets not deployed to defend our Benghazi consulate and save our ambassador? 

Why did you send Susan Rice on five national TV shows to knowingly lie to the American people, telling them that the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti-Muslim YouTube video that was seen by hardly anyone?  Why do you persist in claiming that the war on terror is over despite glaring worldwide evidence proving otherwise? 

Why did you choose to pass on attending the historic Paris, France rally, in which 40 nations came together against Islamic extremism?  Why do you refuse to admit that we are at war with radical Islam?

Why did you release five lethal Taliban terrorist leaders, and why do you continue to release other terrorists certain to re-enter the battlefield to kill more Americans? 

Why did you demand that the name of Jesus be covered up on a stage before you spoke?  And yet you passionately defend Islam.  Why did you offer a new asylum decree favoring Muslims over Christians? 

Why have you forcefully burdened our military with social engineering policies that critics say will undermine good order and discipline for decades? 

Why have you launched a war on coal, estimated to cost nearly a quarter-million jobs per year and force plants across America to close? 

Why do you vow to veto the Keystone XL oil pipeline bill, which would further energy independence and create jobs for thousands of Americans? 

Folks, cited in this article is only the tip of the iceberg of Obama's war on America as founded: his attacks on traditional Americanism and Christian values, his unseemly attempts to divide us along racial lines to silence opposition to his overreaches, his thuggish use of government agencies to bully and intimidate Americans into submission, his encouraging the sin of covetousness/class envy to divide Americans along economic lines, his attempts to addict as many Americans as possible to government dependency, and his relentless efforts to diminish the worldwide influence of the United States of America.

Who are you, Mr. President?  Why are you always on the wrong side of what is best for America and her people?  What is your ultimate goal?

Many of us are scratching our heads, asking...why, Mr. President, why?