Women and the Myth of Marriage Declining

It has become a truism that marriage rates are in decline. The Pew Research Center, Forbes, and many others spotlighted the fact that matrimony has been on a decline for decades. Some researchers call it “The Marriage Crisis,” but are happy to accept other household arrangements as just as valid (disregarding effectiveness). There are numerous explanations/reasons for the declines. Whatever the reactions and reasons, there is no disputing the fact that marriage rates are at historic lows. Nor is there serious disagreement over the negative impact such trends have for women and children’s well-being or, for that matter, the well-being of society when that pillar of stability and nurturing is wobbly and in danger of collapsing. Feminists have claimed that they, alone, have the answer to Freud’s millennium-old question about “What do women want?” They have shouted from the rooftops that women’s greatest desire is to be equal to men and...(Read Full Article)