Whatever Happened to the International Jewish Conspiracy?

All too often critics of the State of Israel have been obsessed believers of what they regard as the truth or been guilty of bad faith or dishonesty.  Some have propounded lunatic conspiracy theories of Jews in the world and Israelis today as ruthless, treacherous individuals whose ambition and reach of power have no limits in time or space. Palestinian Arab and Islamic authorities, in mixed tones of envy and hatred, relate the accomplishments of the detested people: Jews have spread poison, disseminated AIDS, and convinced people of the myth of the Holocaust – that it never happened, or that it was simply a trivial incident in which Nazis responded to Jewish brutality.  In their quest for world domination, the Israelis have used extraordinary devices: griffon vultures carrying an Israeli tracking unit; sharks in the Arabian Gulf with a GPS tracking unit; a European bee-eater with an Israeli microchip. We have been informed by reputable Palestinian and Arab...(Read Full Article)