Uber Libertarians

Uber is the rapidly growing transportation service that connects cars willing to provide rides for a fee with individuals needing a ride.  It has addressed a need that the current highly regulated cab industry is failing to meet. Uber has a current market cap of about $18 billion.  But that stratospheric market cap underlies a rapidly growing user and supplier base. After you download the app and set up the account, it is elegantly simple.  The location feature on your phone shows on your map, and you can see Uber cars on the map near your location.  You can request an Uber X, which will be a small car like a Prius; an XL, which will seat six passengers; a Black Car, which will be a limo-style Lincoln or Cadillac or Mercedes; or an SUV.  Each choice is progressively more expensive than the previous one.  After you pick the ride type and select your destination, the app will quote you an approximate cost of the ride, and you can request a driver....(Read Full Article)