The Anti-Christmas Atheist Missionaries

If you’ve ever attempted a reasonable conversation with an American atheist about his or her distaste for religious influence in American politics, you know well that the primary beef atheists tend to have with religion is due to religionists’ assumed compulsion to impose their religious beliefs upon those who would choose to be unreligious. If you happen to be an atheist, I’d wager you’d still agree with that observation. But most atheists, especially those of a leftish bent, would also have you believe they are an ostracized bunch.  That their belief in nothing is not taken seriously, and that’s all because they’ve been marginalized in a culture that takes a belief in a God and his once-earthly Son having died for our sins as a permanent feature of life.  This offends their sensibilities beyond all comprehension. And if you’ve been involved in such conversation as I have, you have also been taken aback and flustered at the...(Read Full Article)