Obama and Putin are both Frozen in the Past

The free web is making it possible to see politicians more clearly than ever before, and yes, they all have feet of clay. Obama’s personal psychology has been discussed so much that even the Left is beginning to take notice. Videos of Vladimir Putin are surely being studied by Poli Sci 101 students all over the world. P and O have amazing similarities. Both are profoundly frozen in the past. This is not good, since, like those clichéd generals, they are blindly fighting the last war. Neither one has come to terms with the biggest challenges of the present day: the Jihad war, and large-scale cyberaggression by both state actors and legions of cocky little amateurs around the world. Narcissists are thought to harbor a sense of injury about some past event -- abandonment as a child, identification with a victim group, or just plain “I get no respect.” Their grandiosity is an attempt to compensate for experiences that made them feel...(Read Full Article)