Not the First Time Dianne Feinstein Has Endangered Lives

Dianne Feinstein should never have been considered to chair the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Anyone who knows anything about that woman would never take that kind of risk.  Her recent release of the CIA "torture" report is not the first time she has divulged information that has put Americans’ lives at risk.  Nope, she endangered the lives of Americans as far back as August of 1985. Those who were around back in the '80s may remember the name Richard Ramirez.  Even those who were not alive or old enough to know may have since heard of him by his notorious epithet – the Night Stalker.  Ramirez was a serial killer who terrorized the populations of Los Angeles and San Francisco from June of 1984 to August of 1985, claiming 14 victims.  The crimes were huge news at the time.  Few Americans had seen anything like it in their lifetimes.  Ramirez was so aggressive and cocky, scrawling pentagrams...(Read Full Article)