Non-Notable Deaths for 2014

This is the time of year people check the “notable deaths” of the last twelve months -- as determined by the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, or the L.A. Times. The entertainment, sports, and fashion industries are more heavily represented this year than usual, even in the Grey Lady, with politicians and journalists running close behind. Also predictable:  the average age of the celebrated dead seems to be inching up.  It must be in the mid-80s, with several centenarians among them.  There are the usual surprises.  Weren’t Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, Sid Caesar, Pete Seeger, Lauren Bacall, and James Brady already dead?  (Note to self:  Google Betty Ford, Lady Bird Johnson, George Burns, and Francisco Franco.) There are the usual odd pairings -- Jeb McGruder and his inquisitor Howard Baker, still looking boyish at 88 -- and the usual mix of the talented, the charismatic, and the driven. Most of us, of course, will be...(Read Full Article)