Making Whitey Suffer

This holiday season, if you want to buy something in a high-profile New York City store like Apple or Macy’s, you may have to sidestep some protestors or even step over a few pretend-to-be dead bodies blocking the doors and clogging the aisles. The right of people in our country to shop wherever they wish is apparently dispensable, forfeited for the greater right of others to protest -- and even disrupt -- in public.  This seasonal inconvenience is brought to us by those on a mission to prioritize Americans’ values as to what is really important.  As one of the protestors put it, we should all suffer in some way for what we have done to Brown, Garner, and scores of others.  That is the kind of rhetoric that justifies destroying, invading, and looting the property of others who had nothing whatsoever to do with the cases at hand.  But the perpetrators are not in search of answers or even justice. They seek vengeance. The largely peaceful...(Read Full Article)