Making Whitey Suffer

This holiday season, if you want to buy something in a high-profile New York City store like Apple or Macy’s, you may have to sidestep some protestors or even step over a few pretend-to-be dead bodies blocking the doors and clogging the aisles. The right of people in our country to shop wherever they wish is apparently dispensable, forfeited for the greater right of others to protest -- and even disrupt -- in public.  This seasonal inconvenience is brought to us by those on a mission to prioritize Americans’ values as to what is really important.  As one of the protestors put it, we should all suffer in some way for what we have done to Brown, Garner, and scores of others. 

That is the kind of rhetoric that justifies destroying, invading, and looting the property of others who had nothing whatsoever to do with the cases at hand.  But the perpetrators are not in search of answers or even justice. They seek vengeance.

The largely peaceful protests in New York could well develop into a rebirth of the 99 %-ers’ Occupy Wall Street event, since it turns out that the nationally-organized “movement” is not just about race. From a complaint against two white police officers in the death of black men, these latest protests have morphed into a general and bitter repudiation of law enforcement, in general, and even of the capitalistic system in America, fueled by an irrational hatred for all businesses and industries, whether they employ a few people or millions.

It is doubtful that most protestors speak entirely from personal experience. Their outrage echoes the far left litany and its deadly chokehold on American academia. Even as demonstrations are applauded and encouraged, the aim of the left extends well (or ill) beyond empathy for a person’s right to protest wrongs. The ultimate goal is to destroy America as they see it and to substitute their “progressive” dream of utopia. Just as Gruber and his gang “used” the clueless nature of Americans to pass a flawed ObamaCare, so, too, is the grievance gang duping blacks into believing that they are all being unfairly treated in America and should demand redress by whatever means possible.     

As a result, the rallying cry has deviated from objections to police brutality and prejudice to justifications for disrupting capitalistic Goliaths like Apple, which manufactures and sells electronic gear. Or Macy’s, which sells consumer products. Capitalism has been passed down as a dirty word to the uninformed, most of whom find cell phones indispensable. Or maybe some of them figure they don’t have to shop at a store like Apple to buy them. They can just smash a window and reach in for the latest model. 

Those behind the current protests are seizing the advantage to incite further angst. Nor are they interested in seeing this disruptive activity end any time soon. They have negligible concern for the approaching holiday season of peace on earth, good will toward men. In fact, they may even presume such holiday spirit to be inappropriate in the fiery light of  their own agenda. And the fact that schools will soon be shuttered for a two-week hiatus presents them with an opportunity for greater recruitment of the outraged. 

Even the traditional lighting of the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center was politicized by protests and the absence of Mayor De Blasio, who chose that very night at that very hour to go to nearby Staten Island in connection with the Garner case. However, he lingered in Manhattan long enough to light a few fuses by badmouthing the NYPD. He appeared to have the time and motivation for that. 

Other politicians are complicit in fueling the outrage. Hillary was back on stage sawing the air with her hands and making her usual hackneyed comments, this time insinuating that the police unfairly target black men.  Leave it to Old Hill to put on her chameleon act whenever she thinks it might secure a few votes down the line. That is, of course, if she decides to run.

Plenty of other politicians are running scared, afraid to lock horns with the grievance gurus. But if there’s a group that is even happier about the general disruption than Sharpton and sycophants, it’s ISIS -- which this administration insists on calling ISIL, perhaps because it does not rhyme with “crisis.” I’m not suggesting that the Islamic extremists will be out in force to recruit protestors, though I did see several fists raised among them in the manner of the Black Panthers of old.  But there’s little doubt that the general unrest, the aggravated racial divide, the die-ins and the ugly violence in the wake of these episodes are music to the ears of those whose greatest wish is a chaotic and divided America.

Oh, sure, one of the things about democracy is freedom -- the right, in essence, of citizens to make known their complaints.  But where we see “rights,” those who hate us see “wrongs.” When a country reveals to the world its underbelly of discontent, the opportunity to rip it open will not be missed by our enemies.