I Want a President Who Loves America

I first fell in love with America 49 years ago. I flew from the UK to Denver visit my parents in Christmas 1965, and it was love at first sight. I fell in love with America, the land; I fell in love with America, the people. And I fell in love with the American way of life, the unconsciously optimistic approach to life and work and the future. When I returned to the UK and college in the New Year I found that my Brit pals didn't want to know about America. Too bad. I immigrated to America after graduation in 1968 and never looked back. I applied for citizenship as soon as possible and my naturalization certificate is dated January 3, 1975. So, in just about a week, I'll have been a U.S. citizen for 40 years. And do you know what this naturalized U.S. citizen would like more than anything in the world? I would like to elect in 2016 a president who loves America with all his heart. I don't mean that the president should be a Polly-Anna and pretend that everything...(Read Full Article)