How What'sUpWithThatWatts Argues Against Global-Warming Skeptics

I choose this particular website piece -- which was written against my American Thinker article 'Yet Another Hottest Year Since 1880?' -- because it reflects the zealotry and intemperance that is quite common amongst those who accept the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory. It appears that the transcendent importance of the cause -- saving the world from capitalists and other devils -- warrants (at least in this case) such unrestrained language. The website is called What'sUpWithThatWatts and it's obviously deemed by its owner to be the pro-AGW antidote to Watts Up With That? (“the world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change”); which is run by the meteorologist Anthony Watts. What'sUpWithThatWatts is not unlike, therefore, the website Skeptical Science (which will be mentioned again in a few moments); whose blurb says that it is “getting skeptical about global warming skepticism”. My bet is that the owner of...(Read Full Article)