Gruber, the Grey Lady, and Gullibility

It was on Veteran’s Day that non-health-care-policy wonks first heard of Jonathan Gruber.  Embarrassing revelations from the architect of the ACA had originally surfaced last July, but it was Gruber’s remarks about the stupidity of the American voter that caused the video Rich Weinstein had unearthed to go viral after Fox News aired it on November 11th. The fact that an Obama advisor thought American voters were stupid should not have been news.  What was significant about the excerpt was Gruber’s concession that the bill was written to mislead the CBO into not labeling the ACA a tax measure.  The CBO took the bait, but the Supreme Court didn’t. The earlier July video also revealed something more important than Gruber’s contempt for the electorate.  The Six-million-dollar Man stated clearly and unequivocally that the citizens of any state failing to set up a health care exchange would not be eligible for tax credits. ...(Read Full Article)