Fundamentally Transforming the World

Barack Obama would not be the first national leader to wish to “fundamentally transform” his country. He also would not be the first to use his country’s power to fundamentally transform the entire globe.   The truth is that to transform America is to transform the world. The almost seamless transition from British to American hegemony after WWII ensured the continuation of Western global influence. But many entities resented the influence of the West, seeing it as imperialistic, repressive, and racist, none more so than the new leaders who embraced the Pan-African philosophy that gripped the continent during the 1960s and beyond. As Patrice Lumumba wrote in Paris, 1963: “Africa will tell the West that today it desires the rehabilitation of Africa, a return to the roots, a revalorization of moral values…Africa will have no blocs as you have in Europe.  Instead there will be active African solidarity.  The government of...(Read Full Article)