Doing Stupid Things with Iran

The Obama administration has obviously decided to go silent on human rights abuses in Iran in hopes of concentrating like a laser on arms control. It is true that it is urgently necessary to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The last three administrations -- Clinton, Bush, and Obama -- have agreed on that if on little else. The operating assumption for the U.S. negotiators with Iran is that if we make a big fuss about human rights abuses -- intensifying under President Hassan Rouhani -- it will impede our ability to strike a deal on nuclear weapons. It this assumption true? Let’s try some history. Let’s even consult some hidden history. Claire Berlinsky has given us this important study in the respected City Journal. Her article (“The Hidden History of Evil”) is based on the work of famed Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky. From it, we learn that Sen. Joe Biden went to Moscow with a Republican colleague, Dick Lugar, in 1979. There, the two U.S....(Read Full Article)