Black Conservative Son Educates Dad on Dems' Race Lies

For the past six years, I have been a passionate, active black member of the Tea Party.  Unlike the vast majority of black Americans, I did not fall for the radical left's Trojan Horse in the form of a shiny new smooth-talkin' black man back in 2008.  When presidential candidate Obama told Joe the Plumber that he planned to spread the wealth around, I knew he was nothing more than another socialist/progressive liberal who hated America as founded. My 86-year-old black dad, on the other hand, is a lifelong Democrat.  He believed that Dems are for the little guy and that voting Republican is like voting for the KKK.  Despite being a God-fearing Christian preacher and pastor for over 50 years, Dad rejected evidence of Obama's anti-Christian leanings and voted for him solely because he is black. However, after six years, Dad and other blacks are awakening from their "racial loyalty trumps everything" zombie mindsets.  Amazingly, Dad...(Read Full Article)