An Epic Battle on the Two-State Solution

An epic battle took place a week ago in Washington at the Saban Forum on the Middle East, Israel-US relations and the Arab-Israeli conflict.  You probably never learned about it because American media virtually ignored it. The battle occurred in a conversation between Martin Indyk, and Naftali Bennett. Bennett is the Chairman of Jewish Home Party which was part of Israel’s governing coalition until it was ended a couple of days later. He served as Minister of Economy and Minister of Religious Services, Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs. Prior to starting his career in politics in 2006 he co-founded a technology company and sold his interest to an American company for $145 million. He is adamantly opposed to the two state solution and a very strong proponent of the settler movement. Indyk has spent the last two decades trying to get agreement on a two-state solution (TSS). First as part of the State Department’s Mideast team under Bill Clinton, then as ambassador...(Read Full Article)