American Privilege

Limousine liberals are peddling the convoluted construct of “white privilege” to explain unequal achievement. This misguided notion fosters complacency and exacerbates inequality, preventing pursuit of something much more powerful – American privilege. Maybe there are some remnants of white privilege, but it is subsumed by American privilege which entices the venturesome into our cavernous vaults of opportunity. There are no promissory notes inside guaranteeing equal outcomes, but the master key is available to all who work hard. And most of us do. Consider the report “All Work, No Pay: The Impact of Forfeited Time Off” (pdf)  by Oxford Economics, which promulgates that “Americans are work martyrs.”  The report finds that U.S. workers annually forfeit 4.9 out of 21 days of paid vacation.” Other research corroborates these findings; indeed, a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for a career-oriented website...(Read Full Article)