Will Our 2016 Presidential Candidate Learn from the Duggars?

My wife Mary told me about a TV show she loves to watch about the Duggar family, titled 19 Kids and Counting. Mary said she likes watching the show because the parents and their kids are wholesome and good.  Upon hearing how the family adheres to extremely old-fashioned traditional values, I thought, what planet are these people from?  How has the Duggar family escaped the left's 24/7 coarsening of our culture? But more important, I became excited thinking about the positive impact the Duggar family is having on millions below the radar by simply being themselves.  Everywhere you look, it appears that we are swiftly moving towards a godless anything-goes society.  Deviancy is celebrated as well as rude, crude, and bad behavior. Mary said she has read vile, disgusting, evil blog posts by leftists, expressing their great hatred for the Duggars.  This does not surprise me.  Many on the left have a war on the traditional family, God, and all...(Read Full Article)