The Glories of Teaching Classics in the Inner City

See also: Giving Up On Black America Lovina Ikenga’s offer to teach came as a gift to me. Like her, I live in a place I love, near the Atlantic. Unlike her, I don’t have to watch my step, and I find it easy to love my neighbors, most of whom look and sound a good deal like me. Before my fiancé drove me, in our old Subaru, from Maine to New York, I knew a lot about Latin, and (I thought) about teaching it, but very little about classical Christian Education. I had no experience teaching in the inner city. But as with every other teaching job I’ve taken, I plowed ahead with a good will, trusting that my love for my subject and, inevitably, for my students, would see me through, as they always have. Like Lovina, I believe strongly in the value of teaching and learning Latin. I know from long experience that learning Latin makes students smarter; it conveys a deep understanding of how language works, and it involves working with one’s whole brain, both...(Read Full Article)