The Ebola Presidency

Whatever else may occur, from fizzle to pandemic, the Ebola and Enterovirus D68 outbreaks have gone a long way toward destroying the myth of Obama as omnipotent mastermind. This has been a long-term conservative preoccupation, something of the flipside of the left’s “Obama as messiah” myth, in which Obama was viewed as something of a Bond villain, striding about in a Mao jacket, aboard his private atomic sub beneath the Potomac, pet marmot on his shoulder, barking orders to hundreds of henchmen (the Emanuel family?) while plotting elaborate and universal atrocities. As posited here, Obama had a Master Plan on the same order as Goldfinger or Blofeld: to transform the U.S. into a third-world state and kick off a race war while playing lots of golf.  There has never been much to it. Obama has not exhibited a talent for planning on any scale whatsoever. His “plan” was simply to carry on what the American left had been doing since FDR: encourage creeping socialization by...(Read Full Article)