The Choice Before Us

When they drafted the Democrat platform for 2012, Democratic leaders decided to remove any references to God as well as to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In other words, they decided to remove God from the political equation. The decision by top Democrat leaders was a pronouncement that the rule of Man would transcend the rule of God when it came to earthly matters. It made what the Democratic Party stands for completely transparent. It made it clear what anyone who votes for a Democrat is voting for -- namely, for the supremacy of Man rather than God. Further, the decision made the great division of thinking which has characterized the modern Western world crystal clear: what Man thinks of the world is the only thought that matters. The mind of God is not to be consulted; nor is the rule of God in the affairs of men to be acknowledged. Faith in Man is the only legitimate faith; politics is the means by which faith in Man’s vision is actualized; and the almighty State...(Read Full Article)