Prophet Naomi Kelin's This Changes Everything

Like that of most prophets, Naomi Klein's message is both messianic and Manichean: i.e., the good of progressocialism vs. the evil of capitalism. (Or in her own words: “capitalism vs. the climate”.) Naomi Klein was born to be a prophet, as all prophets are.  Her paternal grandparents were communists, her grandfather was a “social activist” and her parents were war-resisters as well as “rights activists”.  So now try to imagine the amount of Leftist ideological “brainwashing” Naomi Klein would have experienced in the first two decades of her life (as did Noam Chomsky). I'd reckon that would be about the same amount that she and her fellow Leftists (such as her husband Avi Lewis) would accuse the children of “Christian evangelicals” (Avi Lewis’s term) or “conservatives” of having undergone. (I may as well add here that Naomi Klein's just-mentioned husband has hosted shows for...(Read Full Article)