Obama's Perfect Storm?

The leftist lives in eternal revolt and permanent rage against the injustices, real or perceived, of the world around him.  But any rectification of injustices is never enough.  He must be continually on the move, inventing new or resurrecting old injustices.  He is inherently and irrevocably anarchical, but the new world order he seeks never actually arrives.  He doesn’t know what fundamental transformation actually looks like, since it’s never existed in reality.  For him, the current order is irretrievably and eternally flawed and without remedy; so he must destroy it.  He must at all costs keep the fires burning.  In the leftist spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is kept on the front burner, and the fire is stoked even hotter because unrest is a given in leftist ideology.  Stoking racial unrest is a particularly favorite tactic of the Left, as it evokes memories of...(Read Full Article)