Obama's Perfect Storm?

The leftist lives in eternal revolt and permanent rage against the injustices, real or perceived, of the world around him.  But any rectification of injustices is never enough.  He must be continually on the move, inventing new or resurrecting old injustices.  He is inherently and irrevocably anarchical, but the new world order he seeks never actually arrives.  He doesn’t know what fundamental transformation actually looks like, since it’s never existed in reality.  For him, the current order is irretrievably and eternally flawed and without remedy; so he must destroy it.  He must at all costs keep the fires burning. 

In the leftist spirit of never letting a crisis go to waste, the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is kept on the front burner, and the fire is stoked even hotter because unrest is a given in leftist ideology. 

Stoking racial unrest is a particularly favorite tactic of the Left, as it evokes memories of the most significant battles against racism were fought in the 50’s and 60’s, when many of today’s prominent liberals were very young.  For some, the battles and victories came in the form of Martin Luther King’s passive resistance coupled with moral exhortation based on the concept of the common humanity of all mankind. But for others, the Watts riots became the definitive response to racial prejudice.  The leftist mantras went something like this: Burn it down; burn it all down.  See the city burn.  It gives off  such lovely light.

Perennially unhappy with peace and blind to any improvement of race relations, leftist activists today are still hell-bent on scripting and acting out endless acts that imitate past plays.  Continual evocation of the past makes the Left feel alive.  So they supply the kindling and the match to incidents that would flame out were they not stoked into conflagration by professional race hustlers who take a tragic incident as an indicator that America is still systemically and critically sick with racism.  Professional activists are bused in and our Radical in Chief meets with activists hell-bent on creating racial chaos.

But yet more than racial chaos is stoked.  The appetite for crises is never satiated, as crises are the Left’s means for their aim of radically transforming America into their own image.

In order to continue the transformation we desire, says the Left, let’s create more chaos by announcing amnesty for millions near or on the same day the Ferguson incident is ruled on by a grand jury.  Let’s reinforce the chaotic open border policies by rewarding those who have broken the law with instant legalization.  Let’s introduce even more chaos into the “system.”  It is a healthy development that meaningfully disturbs the present national construct, its stabilizing institutions and foundational documents. 

Let’s create the Perfect Storm. 

Leftists love war of all kinds.  They adore disorder and seek chaos, all the while proclaiming they are aiming at establishing permanent peace.  Conflict is considered good because it is necessary to keep the historical process of fundamental change continually going forward.  That is why the Left, though sometimes uneasily, fundamentally identifies with terrorists around the world.  Islamists and the Left are in basic alignment with Islamists’ prophetic call for destruction in order to bring in an ideal world.  That is why our left-leaning administration supports terrorism or plays it down.  It is actually empathetic to terrorism, including home grown terrorism that advances socialism, because “fundamental transformation” requires destruction of the old order.  In both cases -- Islamism and socialism/communism alike -- terror is considered a legitimate policy instrument. 

After all, if the manufactured crises were to cease, the leftist rationale for their existence would also cease. But if the leftist is successful in sowing the seeds of destruction and actually harvests what he sows, the resultant chaos will overwhelm him, too.  When he sees that he can’t count on the authority of old institutions to preserve order; when he notices the mob is at his own gated community; when the government he hates actually begins to break down according to plan and he begins to suffer the consequences of destruction he fomented, where will stability to protect him and his interests be found?  Where will he find security? 

He will find security in supra-constitutional entities, authoritarianism characterized by executive orders and decrees and in paramilitary groups that respond to his commands alone. 

In other words, he will find stability in tyranny.  Authoritarianism is always the end game for the Left.

Here in America, at least thus far, the leftist has found security in bureaucracy empowered by authoritarian leadership from the top. He finds it in bypassing the tradition institutions he hates and wishes to destroy, and relies instead on appointed lackeys who share his beliefs and who will jump when he says jump. Bureaucracy is the preferred order that the Left adores as its chief means for continuing the transformation of society.  For it is bureaucracy that eliminates concern for and any input from the masses, which have no voting rights within the bureaucratic jungle.

At the same time, when the time and the crises are aligned perfectly, he will draw on police and military forces that will empower him in ways bureaucracy will not and cannot do.

It may be that our president believes that time may be now.  At the very least, the Perfect Storm being created by the juncture of racism and immigration policy point to a trial run of executive authority backed by lethal force.  Ferguson and executive orders on immigration may well be this nation’s Sudetenland moment.

If ever there were a time for the exercise of congressional authority to rein in executive excess it is now.  It is also time for state governors and legislatures to exercise their newly gained strength.  Together, the Reds -- if they will only unify and stop fighting one another -- can diffuse the Blue Perfect Storm by creating a hurricane of resistance.

Will they rise up and do what is right?

The nation’s fate is at stake.

Fay Voshell is a columnist whose pieces have been published on many online sites, including PJMedia, National Review, RealClearReligion and many others.  She is a frequent contributor to American Thinker.  She may be reached at fvoshell@yahoo.com