Obama: An Insufferable PEST

President Obama addressed his party’s most recent shellacking in a White House press conference Wednesday.  Even to the novice, it was clear Obama exhibited symptoms of Post-Election Stress Trauma. It was painful to watch the petulant leader of such a great country contort the message of the midterm election results.  But we must empathize; after all, Obama is in the throes of the dreaded PEST. PEST emerged in the U.S. in 2004:  a particularly virulent outbreak afflicted liberals in Florida after President Bush won reelection. In severe cases it elicited irrational impulses to emigrate to Canada or even France.  The symptoms included feelings of sadness, frustration, isolation, bitterness, irrelevance, moodiness and fear.  That pretty well describes what we’ve seen from Obama recently. And it’s clouding his interpretation of what just happened.  “I don’t want to try to read the tea leaves on election...(Read Full Article)