Destroying God Shows Contempt for Mankind

“If this article doesn’t blow open a few doors of perception, I don’t know what will,” Dorothy M. Murdock trumpeted on her Facebook page discussing her new article, “New Research Exposes Hidden Relationship Between Jesus and John the Baptist.”  Ms. Murdock, who writes as D.M. Murdock or under the Hindu-inspired name “Acharya S,” gave her recent article a tantalizing headline.  Murdock unveiled that the hidden relationship between Jesus and John was a “solar alliance” similar to the Egyptian gods Osiris and Anubis – in that they are simply “presiding dignitaries of the solstices.” Murdock has been working hard to destroy Christianity since 1999 when she published her first book, The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.  Her opinions have been featured in the movie Zeitgeist and Bill Maher’s Religulous.  She is a proponent of the Christ Myth theory, which is a faux...(Read Full Article)