Democrats, You Did it to Yourselves

Republicans everywhere are celebrating last Tuesday’s election-night results and rightfully so. It was a beat down of historic proportions. The number and margin of victories at the U.S. congressional, gubernatorial, and state legislative levels nationwide were all near or over record levels. Yet the massive gains by Republicans in the U.S. Congress come at a time when congressional Republicans have all-time low public approval ratings. Indeed according to Public Policy congressional Republicans are less popular with the American people than cockroaches, traffic jams, Brussel sprouts, colonoscopies, used car salesmen, and head lice. (At least you can get rid of lice.) But despite the fact that seemingly nobody can stand them, Republicans walked to massive victories. It speaks directly to what the American people think of the current, massively leftist Democrat agenda that over it they would prefer people they can’t stand. Democrats run Washington D.C. and...(Read Full Article)