'Voting's the Best Revenge'

The only advice Barack Obama offered that is worth following is a bit of one he gave to supporters in 2012. Days before Barack Obama was reelected, he fired up a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally -- inside a public high school, no less -- with the call for them to vote out of revenge. It was a disgrace for a president of the United States to think and to verbalize such a sentiment.  But Americans should not have been unduly shocked for the president is a man whose perception of democracy was that is useful to “punish your enemies and reward your friends.” Now is the time for Americans to wreak their revenge. That may sound harsh but I am not a president and I do not hold myself out as a role model. Regardless, how can liberals complain about or disparage that call since the man they hailed and elected was the one who articulated the very same exhortation?  Liberal columnist Jonathan Chait wrote a column for the then-prestigious The New...(Read Full Article)