The European Left Turns Back the Peace Process

All well-meaning people hope that the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors can be settled peacefully, if not ending in a paradise of inner tranquility.  Regrettably, leftist political groups in European countries are damaging that hope in two ways.  They ignore the belligerent statements as well as the actions of Palestinians.  In addition, by supporting unilateral actions by Palestinians, they repudiate formal international agreements made over the years, calling for an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict by negotiations.  The peace process is not helped by breakage of international understandings. The British House of Commons – which, on October 10, 2014, approved a non-binding resolution, moved by left-wing members of the Labour Party in Parliament, calling for the recognition of a state of Palestine by a vote of 274 to 12, though most of the Conservative party abstained – did not appear to understand this.  They perceived themselves...(Read Full Article)