Principled Foreign Policy Requires a Republican Senate

The 300,000 Americans living in Israel have a front row seat to President Obama’s Middle East policy in action. We witness up close the rise of ISIS, Iran’s march toward nuclear weapons, the disintegration of Syria, and the picking of unnecessary fights with Israel’s government.  As there is little resistance to those policies from Senate Democrats, there is strong support here for a Republican takeover of the Senate. Two races in particular demonstrate why a Republican Senate victory is necessary: In North Carolina, Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan is facing Republican Thom Tillis; and in Arkansas, incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor is battling against Republican Congressman and Iraq/Afghanistan veteran Tom Cotton. Both Hagan and Pryor have solid records on Israel -- which is certainly appreciated here -- as do their Republican opponents. But in this environment where the feckless Obama leading-from-behind foreign policy has come under withering criticism...(Read Full Article)