Paul Krugman's Indefensible Defense of Barack Obama

Readers of Rolling Stone magazine have long known what to expect from the biweekly's acidulous commentaries: anarchist screeds from the rather unbalanced Matt Taibbi; thinly researched and often specious investigative pieces from Tim Dickinson;  alarmist jeremiads from environmentalist hound dog Jeff Goodell and apoplectic harangues against Republicans, Tea Party groups, and anyone else who espouses a right of center cause.  Now comes an article by Nobel Laureate and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, which is proudly announced as a defense of Barack Obama. Not content with actually defending Obama's record, Krugman, in the body of his article, goes a step further to announce: "Despite bitter opposition, despite having come close to self-inflicted disaster, Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history." Hmm. Pretty bold stuff. After all, this would have Barack Obama one day sipping...(Read Full Article)