Obama's Way of War

There are many reasons that national leaders take their nations to war. They range from the morally repulsive to the ethically sound. But because war itself is man’s cruelest and most brutal endeavor, the rationales for it, whether high-minded or cruel, tend to be compelling. There are warrior cultures that fight because it is their business, leaders that take nations to war for personal or national glory, nations that defend themselves from the threat of aggression or fight for national honor, nations that fight for trade routes, natural resources or land, crusades and wars of religion, wars of revolution or of political succession, or some combination of the foregoing, matched with a suitable righteous claim to justice. I may have missed a reason or two in that list, but to my knowledge, there has never been a war leader quite like Barack Obama. All leaders weigh domestic politics in deciding on war. For Obama that consideration is paramount, and perhaps almost always...(Read Full Article)