Hell-bent on Rewriting America's past

There has been a lot of consternation that Common Core and new Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) standards eviscerate the understanding of our exceptional history. Most concerning is the anti-historical emphasis on social justice, globalism, environmentalism, race, class, and gender victimhood that undermines Western ideals, the Constitution, capitalism, and American culture.   Up to this point, definitive proof the new “standards” were deleterious was anecdotal. But facts now show not only intent, but a vision and mission that bring schools face to face with forces bent on instilling a false shame Americas past for the purpose of establishing a global collective. Where did this nonsense come from, who was behind it, and how could such a destructive approach to the history of our liberty occur? For four years beginning in1997, a conference on American History was held at New York University’s center in Florence Italy called the Villa...(Read Full Article)