Ebola: Three Million HazMat Suits on the Way

The liberal blogosphere is aflame with accusations that the Ebola outbreak is a fake crisis manufactured by right-wing media. The World Health Organization has a different point of view: the group at the front lines of the Ebola epidemic is ordering 3 million hazardous material suits for health care workers and patients around the world to meet demand over the next 9 months. More than 400 caretakers have contracted Ebola during the recent outbreak. The WHO estimates the outbreak could cause 10,000 new cases a week in Africa over the next two months. Officials say more than half of the cases of Ebola are fatal. “Several U.S. companies are ramping up production to meet the exploding demand,” said Bill Gunderson, president of Gunderson Capital. “Lakeland is gearing up to provide the hazmat suits. In a recent earnings report the company said the “aggregate of orders won by Lakeland that are believed to have resulted from the Ebola crisis amount to...(Read Full Article)