Democratic Party: America's Resident Evil

A New York Times article exposed that the Democrats are expecting to have their clocks cleaned in the election in a week or so.  Democrats believe that their only hope is to get out the black vote.  How do they plan to achieve this?  Of course, with their tried and true tactic of race-baiting. In other words, the Democrats and their MSM operatives have launched an all-hands-on-deck deplorable effort to convince black Americans that white Americans are out to suppress and even murder them.  Democrats pray that hordes of enraged blacks will forget about how they have suffered under Obama and flock to the polls to vote for Democrats. In my opinion as a Christian, the Democrats' hate-whitey-get-out-the-black-vote scheme is a satanic plot conceived by deviant minds.  Folks, words cannot express my visceral disdain for such shameful politicking.  Any media personality or outlet that signs on to the Democrats' unconscionable plan should...(Read Full Article)