Communists Continue to Agitate on Ferguson

In this space in August, I wrote on how communists had seized the chaos in Ferguson, Missouri to advance their agenda. This is nothing new. The American Communist Party has long exploited racial flare-ups for its own revolutionary purposes. America’s tragic racist past has long been a gift to Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and like-minded fellow-travelers. They joyously seize racial incidents as opportunities to put America in the crosshairs. In my article, I pointed to the example of the Scottsboro Boys in the 1930s, which CPUSA converted into a campaign to smear America and recruit black Americans -- including a Chicago activist named Frank Marshall Davis, future mentor to Barack Obama. But while Ferguson has disappeared from the national front pages, it hasn’t disappeared from communists’ priorities. They are doing their best to keep it front and center. As I write, the lead piece at People’s World, the flagship publication of CPUSA and the successor to the...(Read Full Article)