Boots Finally on the Fight Global Warming

Of all of President Obama’s failings – and there are too many to count – his abysmal performance as commander-in-chief is the most egregious.  Hillary Clinton’s 3am wake-up call ad was prescient (if not obvious), and yet Obama won two presidential elections with an electorate that fell back to sleep after their 9/11 wake-up call. However, the latest announcement that the Pentagon is unveiling its comprehensive plan for the military’s response to climate change – at the same time that ISIS is announcing its plans to behead yet another American and is closing in on Kobani in Syria and Baghdad in Iraq – is a breathtaking measure even from this administration.  Yes, history books will be replete with analysis of how it came to pass that Americans chose their own demise by electing Obama – a war-fearing, spineless socialist who promised to transform America while actually intending to transform the world.  But as we live...(Read Full Article)