Black Mob Violence: So many Stories, not enough Room

My last article for American Thinker was too long. And too short. Too long because the gurus tell us articles should be about 600 words. My story about the president talking to the black caucus about white people inflicting constant racial injustice on black people came in at 1500 words. I was just getting warmed up. I thought it strange that at the same time the president was trying to persuade us that black people are relentless victims, black people were committing acts of racial violence in places like Seattle, Miami, Indianapolis, Bronx, Ferguson, Kansas City, Providence, Minneapolis and 18 miles from where the president was speaking. While the president was speaking. Members of the black caucus say white racism drives black people to excessive crime and violence. Or is it that black people and white people commit the same amount of crime, only racist white cops arrest black people more often? Whatever. I don’t have all day here. The article was too...(Read Full Article)