Black Mob Violence on Campus: Soft Targets Everywhere

Nytesa Gant knows why black mob violence is so widespread at her campus. "Of course violence is going to happen when you have 1,000-plus people intoxicated at a party,” Gant told WHIO. She was talking about a recent riot -- that local media refused to call a riot -- on the campus of Central State University, a black school in Ohio. The violence occurred after a recent homecoming concert. “Police on scene called for back up,” reported Gabrielle Enright of WHIO. “Using the code 99, meaning an officer was in trouble.” Soon the campus was flooded with more than 60 cops from 28 nearby departments. But even this army of police could not contain the fighting, property destruction, mayhem, chaos, defiance, attacks on police, and gunfire from this large group of black people. Pepper spray finally did the trick. Much to the consternation of Ms. Gant, a CSU student: “All that force was not necessary,” she declared. Three people were...(Read Full Article)