Below the Top of the Ballot but Important

Elise Cooper recently wrote an article for American Thinker that called attention to a very important race that, because it is for a secondary statewide office – California secretary of state – tends to fall under the radar screen of political punditry.  Elise’s interview with the Republican candidate, Pete Peterson, should be considered by all AT readers.  There is an entire political battlefield in these secondary statewide elective offices that we all ought to care about.  The categories of offices vary by state.  Although every state has an elected governor, some states have a plethora of other offices, while others have only a few.  In 2014, there will be 161 of these lesser statewide elective offices (excluding members of commissions and board).  One hundred and six of those offices are currently held by Republicans. Some of these have obvious importance.  The lieutenant governor is often on a stepping stone to the...(Read Full Article)