A Culture of Incompetence

Obama’s left never accepts responsibility for anything.  Weaned on the sour milk of thuggish, tenured academicians and marinated in the surreal stew of lawyer-land, the odd creatures that infest our White House have no notion of work or honor or duty.  This manifests itself in different ways. Mendacity has been elevated almost to a secular religion.  Obama, his officials, his armies of minor minions prevaricate with such aplomb that one wonders if they truly know when they are lying or telling the truth.  The disgraceful trail of obfuscations, dissimulations, and quarter-truths are invariably defended by the administration’s flacks with the mantra “we have seen no evidence.”  Of course we have not!  The evidence has been destroyed or hidden or lied about.  Politicians lie, of course, and have as long as government has been around, but the sheer audacity of fabrications (the video that “caused” the Benghazi...(Read Full Article)