Why is Obama Kicking the ISIS Can Down the Road?

President Obama in his ISIS speech did his best to convince the American people that things are under control, that he will pursue a coalition with other nations to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS and that he will do it only through air strikes. It was clear that the fight against ISIS will not include foot soldiers and would be a long-term effort. This means that it might end up landing in the lap of the next president of the United States. When Obama declared he had no strategy yet on ISIS a few weeks ago he was perceived as a weak and indecisive leader, but is that all the reason for his reluctance to fight ISIS? Or are there other, hidden reasons why Obama does not want to destroy ISIS? Reluctance and refusal to go to war, even against an enemy that has declared war on the U.S., does not necessarily mean a leader is weak. So what is it about Obama personally -- regarding the threat of Islamic terrorism -- that is unsettling, disappointing, and even alarming? Some...(Read Full Article)